Sorry for myself

Yesterday, I got a call from Mr President asked me to be sparring mates for my senior. Just for practice. Oh I was so shock but after I hear that is nobody can be her sparring mates so I agreed to make it. I picked the suitable clothes from my wardrobe and rushing to Sport Complex because it is already 7.00pm..So I need to hurry. After arrived, I start to warming up, but I feel uncomfortable to confront with the club member because it is so long ( almost two month) I did not come to training because of my body's problem. Just a simple warming up I do then we start to sparring. WOW.. I know my weakness already. But for the partner's sake who practice for join the tournament, I forces myself to sparring. For a while, I enjoy but when I start kicking I see my partner's face change. It's look like my kicking have give bad impact to her. I started to remembered back that I'm just need to defend because I'm not entered the tournament. Later, the girl become more aggressive, kicking, kicking and kicking. ( she not using her hand for punch me..hik hik..I noticed that). So I just blocking, blocking and blocking but using my hand. Argh!! My hand feel sick. It become numb.Here it come.My hand cannot take it anymore.. ( My hand is my asset for final maa..haiyo..cannot continue anymore) I stopped from sparring. The referee( Shiro) said if I cannot make it, then stop. Then I stopped. It is 7.33 pm. It already maghrib. Then we leave the Sport Com. Because there is no helmet so I think better for me walking to my college. Never mind. It is OK with me. But today, I feel very uncomfortable with my hand. Aiyak. I hate to be weak. I know his gonna be happen but I accept it. After this I need to make a treatment. This is why I can't join this sem training. Only three times I join the training and 2 times just watch them training( this really make me sad because it is not best to only watching..hua)

OK this coming Saturday, the tournament gonna be happen. I still cannot make decision whether to followed them as a supporter or not. I have my personal reason not to follow them, but there is a person that told me that I should come for company my sparring partner. Hua.. I want to avoid my feeling disaster but I also cannot make my sparring frust just become i'm not coming. Ai Yay Yay...

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Tanpa Nama berkata...

wah yati main taekwando ka? dasat, dasat.

CaHaYa HiDuPKu berkata...

hehe..takde lah dasat benor pun..colour belt je pun.. hihi

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